Help your PC survive storm season

Summer time is great in Australia, back yard barbecues, relaxing weekends on the deck and swimming in the pool.  Afternoons we often get a storm which cap off a great day and terrify our pets, but what about our PC’s and equipment.

Power surge is enemy number one for computers, they can render a PC scrap material is milliseconds (Well at the speed of light actually) and turn your modem into a smoking, melted mess,  so protecting them and the data they contain is essential to a stress free summer.  On top of this we have sticky hot days, another enemy of technology is heat and I’ve had a PC’s cook from excess heat once again rendering it scrap for the most part.

Here is a list of computer survival tips to survive this summer season specifically aimed at heat and power issues.

  • Get a decent surge protected power board or UPS and plug all equipment into them (See earlier story on UPS)
  • If you are going out for the entire day, try unplugging your PC from the wall, it saves power and you can do this with many devices around the home.  DVR, TV to name a few
  • If you don’t have air conditioning or a cool place for the PC.  in the heat of the day it might be best to switch it off. Especially if you hear the internal fans spinning up hard.
  • All new homes have built in surge protection however this is no guarantee of protection, sudden loss of power can destroy data on PC’s hence the first tip,  it pays to have your home checked by a licensed electrician if you have never done it before.
  • Laptops have a built in battery similar to a UPS, if your laptop battery doesn’t last long, consider getting it replaced, especially if you often work at night, during the height of a storm you can run on battery
  • Consider removing the dust buildup from inside your PC,  dust gathers around the fans and clog up the cooling capacity, the safest method is with compressed air or a soft paint brush and vacuum