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Brisbane Computer Support and qualified IT professionals. Business applications and advice on ITC technology. On-site and remote repairs to computers and servers. Operating throughout Brisbane, Networkz will work with you to get a result that makes a difference.


Laptop Repair, PC and MAC Repair. Computer sales and service unique to your business. Your business is not off-the-shelf, so why would your technology? We can supply computers for every situation including Laptops, Notebooks, PC, Workstation and Servers


Networking is our speciality. We can install your internet modem, set-up WiFi networks, install wired business networks or more advanced business grade products such as VLAN, VPN, Security Firewalls, Email Servers, Active Directory. Fast Secure networks is our passion.

Cloud Platform

Moving to the Cloud Platform For small business, there are some clear advantages to the cloud. The option of moving all applications to the cloud or a hybrid approach (channelling heavy applications to the…

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5 Ways to Backup your Windows

Lets face it, talking about backup is boring and setting up a reliable backup schedule can be technical and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a quick look at the types of…

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Talk to your IT guy, it’s

Like most business, you want to keep IT costs down. Calling an IT guy is an expensive. The truth is having a good relationship with your IT guy is good for your business.  Taking…

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If you need help with anything technology related, just give Karl a call on 0413 306 669. We can help over the phone, remote connection to your PC or on-site.

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