Why I use an UPS

Why I use a UPS on all my computers


I have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) on all of my computers, servers and networking equipment in my office and workshop for several reasons. If you’ve never heard of a UPS before, essentially it’s a battery device that conditions the power to your computer and protects it from surge, spike and total power loss from grid power. In addition many UPS devices have inputs and outputs for phone or modem equipment protecting them from lightning strikes on the grid.

It wasn’t until I had an electrician at my office’s one day that he plugged a metering device into my mains power to show the spiking of power through the wall plugs that I realised how much variation there is in power output from the grid.

It’s a fact that computer equipment does not like fluctuations to power like this and of course total loss of power can render computers and other items completely dead. The added bonus of using a decent quality UPS on your desktop PC is that during a blackout you can continue with what you are doing for sometimes hours without issue. The software that comes with the UPS is designed to shut the computer down in a normal manner once the battery is depleted to a pre-configured percentage.

I use a UPS on all my devices because summer in Queensland can see the grid act like a yoyo with surges and black outs, they are a good insurance policy for expensive technology such as PC’s and digital devices. Personally I have 3 Powerware 1500VA, 900 watt devices, my office device powers my PC, monitors and Modem and will last over an hour during total loss.